Glocal-Fusion Food experience
fusing Global ideas and local taste
for Glocal minded Malaysians.


To become the most reliable ‘Glocal-Fusion F&B’ Chain in Malaysia


  • Promoting the culture of ‘Grounded Globalism’ as means to have strong heritage roots with a positive, pragmatic and up-to-date worldview where individuals aim to be the best version of themselves in a global environment
  • Responsible, Accountable and Sustainable delivery of products and services
  • Creativity, Innovation and Community centric decision making
  • Sincere, Tolerant, Transparent and Respect in Communication and interaction
  • Everyone can have GOOD LUCK, but keeping it is the hardest!


Our mission is to provide delicious ‘big portion at reasonable price’ Glocal-fusion food for young adults segment in Malaysia

To achieve this, we must deliver creative and innovative F&B experience via Glocal-fusion café & culture by:

  • Ensuring Continuous Improvement
    Communicate effectively and collaboratively among team members and customers
  • Maintaining a Standard Quality of Service
    Use “Standard Operating Procedure” as a tool to ensure a smooth operation and standard quality
  • Building a Strong Organization
    Develop a structured flow of management to ensure company sustainability and growth

To inspire ‘Grounded Globalism’ culture and worldview among Malaysian ‘young adults’ via food, services and experiences as means to nurture a positive and sustainable lifestyle.

KKM Certified :
BeSS – “Bersih, Selamat & Sihat”

Tuah Cafe Bangi and Eco Majestic is certified ‘BeSS’ by Malaysian Ministry Of Health (KKM)
upon meeting the required terms and conditions:

1. Maintaining Clean Premises

2. Providing Choice Of Suitable Meal Sizes

3. Promoting Healthier Food

4. Providing Safe Food​